Year: 2024

What happens if you get in a car accident while in an Uber or Lyft?

Getting into a car accident while riding in an Uber or Lyft can be disorienting. Who covers the damages? Your personal insurance? The rideshare company’s policy? Understanding the process is important. We’ve seen the complexities at THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys, an experienced car accident lawyer in Las Vegas. Firstly, know that Uber and Lyft provide contingent […]

Important Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer - THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys

When dealing with the aftermath of an accident and considering a personal injury lawsuit, choosing the right personal injury attorney is crucial. Your lawyer will be your advocate, fighting for fair compensation while you focus on recovery. To ensure you find a trustworthy and experienced attorney, you should ask several important questions. These inquiries can […]

responsible pet owner

Pet ownership is more than just sharing your home with a furry friend—it’s a commitment to ensuring their well-being and happiness throughout their life. This responsibility involves more than just providing a balanced diet or a safe place to sleep; it extends to being prepared for the unexpected. One crucial aspect often overlooked by pet […]

dog bite injuries

7 Tips to Avoid a Dog Bite Injury According to a Forbes report, every year, about 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs. Of these, around 800,000 bites are serious enough to require medical care, and nearly 30% of deadly dog attacks occur in children aged one to four years. Recognizing signs […]

Las Vegas draws millions of tourists each year. With the city’s heavy traffic and many motorists, pedestrian safety becomes a critical concern. In Las Vegas, the excitement and distractions can, unfortunately, lead to safety risks for those on foot. KSNV reports traffic statistics from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD). They revealed a significant […]

Cycling Crash Indicates Need to Look Deeper Into Nevada Bike Laws

The recent deaths of five bicyclists outside Las Vegas have underscored the need for safer ways for cyclists and motor vehicle drivers to co-exist in Nevada. It highlights the urgent need to reexamine our bike laws. This tragic accident raises questions about the effectiveness of designated bike lanes and the interactions between bicycle riders and […]


A collision involving a large commercial truck may be among the most frightening experiences of a person’s life. Feeling shaken up in the moments afterward is natural. However, knowing what to do after a truck accident is essential. It’s just as important to learn what not to do. Taking the proper steps can improve your […]

Truck Accident

Las Vegas is a busy city with a lot of traffic. It also has countless hotels, bars, restaurants, and casinos that need supplies, making large trucks a common sight on its congested streets. The giant size and weight of large trucks make them a serious threat to other vehicles. You need to know your legal […]

Who is Liable for a Moving Truck Accident

If you suffered injuries in a moving truck accident in Las Vegas, you likely feel unsure about where to turn for compensation. There’s good reason to feel confused. Determining liability after a moving truck accident is not straightforward. Identifying who is at fault is crucial for any motor vehicle accident. However, with moving trucks, your […]

Nevada’s Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

In Nevada, an accident victim may have the right to seek financial compensation for their injuries and losses by filing a personal injury claim against the party responsible for their injuries. However, they cannot file their personal injury lawsuit whenever they like. A law known as a statute of limitations imposes a deadline on filing […]