Dynamic Freeway Signs Pop Up Throughout Las Vegas

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More than 40 dynamic freeway signs were recently installed along I-15 and Highway 95 in Las Vegas. Also called traffic management signs, these automated signs provide real-time information to drivers to reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety.

Nearly 300,000 vehicles travel I-15 daily. That’s equal to one-tenth of the state’s population, according to NDOT data. Traffic through the 3.7-mile corridor between Sahara Avenue and the “Spaghetti Bowl” interchange is expected to double in the next 15 years, making changes like the installation of better signage critical to protect Las Vegas residents and tourists alike.

At THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys, we applaud any initiative that can prevent car accidents in Las Vegas. However, getting used to new signs and signals can be confusing. Drivers should exercise caution as they navigate changes to the city’s traffic patterns.

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Benefits of Las Vegas Dynamic Freeway Signs

One of the biggest benefits of these adaptable freeway signs is that they regulate the amount of congestion on the roads so traffic can move more freely. Alerting drivers ahead of time of road closures and other problems reduces bottlenecks and encourages drivers to adapt their behavior to current conditions.

The freeway signs also give drivers a warning for any speed changes up ahead. This can reduce the chance of pileups caused by a sudden slowdown in traffic.

So far, studies show that dynamic signs are effective. In one survey, the Federal Highway Administration found that 80 percent of drivers understood the messages posted on the electronic signs. Another survey found that drivers were more likely to respond to electronic messages because they are eye-catching, particularly given the trend to come up with catchy or humorous messages to drivers as they travel.

Driving Tips in High-Traffic Areas

In busy cities like Las Vegas, it’s crucial to know how to drive in heavy traffic. Here are some tips for traveling in and around the area:

  • Go slow. Know the speed limit and follow it. Don’t zigzag through lanes to try to get ahead in heavy traffic. Frequent merging and weaving increase the chance of a crash because you are driving unpredictably.
  • Keep your distance. Even on congested roads, try to maintain a buffer zone between the car in front of you. That way, you have extra time to stop if the leading driver brakes suddenly.
  • Stay alert. Don’t engage in distracted driving behaviors like talking on the cell phone or texting.
  • Keep calm. Tempers can flare when drivers act recklessly, but don’t react aggressively in return. This can lead to deadly road rage accidents.

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