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Client Testimonials

“Hi I'm a satisfied customer who had the pleasure of having the Firm represent me with my injury case and let me tell you they went to work and when I say went to work that's exactly what was done. they set me up with one of the best Orthopedic team's in Las Vegas. the team that work with me was Mark Brad Tammy and Kristen and boy when I tell you they worked they worked my appointments was on point.booked rides if I needed them consultation was on point everything and anything I needed they were there for me. very kind polite always answer the phone when I called Always settled any problems I had whether dealing with doctors my medication or whatever so kudos to the THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys and if I had to do it all over again these are the guys that I would do it with and I would like to say thank you very much for what you guys helped me accomplished.So big thanks.” — Elliott Payne

“My husband and I were referred to THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys by our original attorneys because they weren't having much luck in getting the other insurance company in our PI case to respond. Attorney Mark Rouse , and his assistants Tammy and Kristen did a wonderful job in helping us to obtain a favorable settlement in our case. Although it seemed to take forever(almost 2 years), and my somewhat impatience with the system, Tammy, Kristen and Mark always took the time to listen and treat my husband and I with respect. Thank you. Would definitely recommend this firm.” — Debra Garofalo

“I was referred to THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys by a trusted colleague, and they did not disappoint. Joel H is an impressive asset to the firm, and I've highly recommended him to multiple people! The whole team handled my case well, and were understanding of my needs. I appreciate everyone's help there, it was always a pleasure (under the circumstances) to visit the office. I'll continue to refer people to Joel in the future.” — Amber Jones

“The THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys honestly is one of the best firms out there. They took care of me during my PI case like family and I can honestly say that very little firms are willing to take care of their clients. Especially Greg, who handled my case. He was always patient and made himself available as much as possible to anything I needed or questions I had. I highly recommend them and without a doubt, will go to them again if I ever have another accident.” — Darwin Hernandez

“I had a stellar experience with the THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys and would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone. Emma, Meredith, and Hannah were always available to answer any questions I had about my case, were always prompt with getting back to me, and were extremely supportive throughout the entire process. Jason was an absolute rockstar throughout litigation and I cannot thank him enough for all of his hard work. This is a team you want on your side, NOT the opposition! Thorough, knowledgeable, personable, and amazing at what they do.” — Heather Scanlon

“I was very happy with my car accident case. THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys and employees are very nice, polite and will work with you until you’re satisfied with your case. I will recommend my family and friends here. Thank you THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys for helping me with my car accident case.” — Sarah Kat

“THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys has done an excellent and professional job in solving my case, in total contrast to ADAM S. KUTNER Firm, who din't do their contractual job, and had to be bailed out by THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys. Thank you Jeff, Jennifer, Cynthia, and Alexis for your help.” — John Cernusca

“Attorney Michael Kane is an phenomenal attorney. He helped me win my case and others I've recommended. My family appreciates the diligent effort and work he put in to my case.” — Bobby Allen