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Cycling Crash Indicates Need to Look Deeper Into Nevada Bike Laws

The recent deaths of five bicyclists outside Las Vegas have underscored the need for safer ways for cyclists and motor vehicle drivers to co-exist in Nevada. It highlights the urgent need to reexamine our bike laws. This tragic accident raises questions about the effectiveness of designated bike lanes and the interactions between bicycle riders and […]

Cycling Crash

Nevada law grants bicyclists the same rights and responsibilities as other motorists. But a deadly 2020 bicycle crash in Las Vegas stirred many to question whether the state‚Äôs laws adequately protect cyclists in traffic. About the Crash In 2020, a seemingly harmless group bicycle ride in Las Vegas turned fatal, resulting in the deaths of […]

Bicycling is on the upswing in Nevada. This is despite the challenges that cyclists face in sharing the road safely with cars and other motor vehicles, especially on city streets. Far too often, accidents between cars and bikes seriously injure cyclists despite their best efforts to stay safe. The consequences of these collisions can be […]