Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer

Why should you hire the best Las Vegas truck accident lawyer? Truck accident injury claims in Las Vegas Nevada are complicated. Trucking companies are required to follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which are rules that govern the trucking industry. Complicated issues often arise in trucking cases which are not relevant in a car vs. car accident.

Combine these factors together and you can understand why getting proper compensation for your injuries is difficult, especially on your own or with an unproven truck accident lawyer. Without a good understanding of the Federal Regulations, it is difficult to get the recovery you are entitled to. Our truck accident lawyers are well versed on truck accident Regulations and use them regularly in litigation.

Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer

Should you settle your truck accident case directly with the trucking company?

The quick answer to this question is “no.”

In an attempt to resolve your truck accident situation, you may think settling your case directly with the trucking company or its insurance company is the best move. After all, a representative probably already sent you a settlement offer (and a recommendation to avoid hiring an attorney).

Rarely is the amount enough to cover the costs of medical bills, physical therapy fees, vehicle repair, and lost wages, much less any future medical costs or lost pay.

Taking action now could be the difference between an approved claim and one that gets unnecessarily delayed or denied.

Best Truck Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas

Our best truck accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers, staff, and team of experts help you level the playing field after a serious truck crash in Las Vegas. In addition, when you become a client, your lawyer will give you their best personal advice, cell phone number and an invite to call any time.  Call today for free consultation.

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