Truck Accident Statute of Limitations in Nevada


Suffering injuries in a truck accident can wreak havoc on your life. You’re hurting. You’re looking at a growing mountain of medical bills. And you’re likely wondering if you can take legal action against the person or entity responsible for the collision.

Here’s your answer: Yes, you could have a valid truck accident claim. But there are strict deadlines that must be met to file an injury claim in Nevada. You must start before the truck accident statute of limitations expires.

Not sure about the statute of limitations for your case? Talk to a Las Vegas truck accident lawyer at THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys as soon as possible. The time limit for you to take legal action can vary depending on the unique facts of your case.

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What Does the Statute of Limitations Mean?

A statute of limitations is a law that restricts the amount of time people have to initiate legal proceedings against someone else. The length of time provided by a statute of limitations can vary based on the location of those involved in the dispute and the nature or severity of any legal offenses.

When it comes to most personal injury lawsuits, the time limit begins on the date when the injury first occurred. This means the clock generally starts ticking the moment they are injured in a truck accident.

Why Is There a Statute of Limitations?

A statute of limitations primarily exists to protect the legal rights of defendants or those who are accused of causing harm to others. However, statutes of limitations work to benefit nearly everyone by preventing legal systems from becoming overwhelmed or sluggish.

The three main reasons behind statute of limitations laws include:

  • Injured parties with valid claims should pursue them within a reasonable amount of time. If a person was injured due to someone else’s negligence, the statute of limitations laws say they should be reasonably diligent about promptly filing their lawsuits. This helps court systems avoid drawn-out legal proceedings and overloaded dockets.
  • If a lawsuit is not considered within a reasonable amount of time, evidence may disappear. This means an injured party may be unable to prove that a negligent truck driver was at fault. It could also mean that a falsely accused defendant may not have the means to defend themselves properly.
  • Lawsuits that are not litigated promptly may have unjust or cruel results. If evidence has deteriorated and eyewitnesses have forgotten what they saw, innocent people may be unjustly held liable in stale claims. This can lead to unwarranted punishments and no accountability for parties who are truly at fault.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in Nevada for Truck Accidents?

There are several different sections of the Nevada statute of limitations that could apply to a truck accident that occurs in the state, but the general rule is that the statute of limitations on truck accident injuries is 2 years from the date of the accident or injury.

In some cases, the statute of limitations for a truck accident may be paused, or “tolled.” This typically happens when the accident victim is a. In those cases, the clock doesn’t start running until after the minor’s 18th birthday.

What Happens If the Statute of Limitations Expires?

If you wait to file a truck accident lawsuit until after the statute of limitations expires, your claim will likely be barred. You can bet trucking industry lawyers and insurance representatives will be keeping an eye on this critical deadline, and they won’t hesitate to ask the court to dismiss your suit if you miss it. The court will likely agree, and you’ll lose your right to compensation.

If you aren’t sure which time limit applies to your truck accident case, you should contact a knowledgeable attorney for advice. An experienced Las Vegas truck accident lawyer at THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys can identify the time limits for your case and ensure your claim doesn’t get derailed by a missed deadline.

How to File a Truck Accident Claim

The truck accident claims process generally involves the following steps:

  • Contact a qualified attorney for assistance: An attorney can manage every aspect of your truck accident claim, from identifying the liable party(s), gathering strong evidence to support your demand for compensation, and negotiating aggressively for you for a fair settlement or jury verdict. The THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys offer free consultations to answer all of your Nevada truck accident questions.
  • File your claim: A truck accident victim will usually first pursue compensation through an injury claim filed with the at-fault party’s insurance company. While the statute of limitations is specific to lawsuits, you’ll want to wrap up your negotiations with the insurance company in time to allow you to file a lawsuit if it becomes necessary.
  • Investigate the accident: Your truck accident attorneys will conduct a meticulous investigation of the case to develop a convincing claim for maximum compensation.
  • Submit a demand letter: Once your lawyer has determined the value of your claim, they’ll submit a demand letter to the insurance company that details your injuries, losses, and what you are seeking in compensation.
  • Negotiate with the insurance adjuster for a fair settlement: The first settlement offer is always too low. Your attorney will fight for the full and fair compensation you’re due. Truck accident cases may involve multiple liable parties, which makes settlement negotiations more complex. You’ll be relieved to have an experienced advocate doing the heavy work for you.
  • File a lawsuit if necessary: If the insurance adjuster fails to offer an appropriate settlement, your attorney will be prepared to take your case to court to fight for your rights. That includes meeting the truck accident statute of limitations deadline for Nevada.

How a Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

A Las Vegas truck accident lawyer can assist you during every step of your accident claim by:

  • Explaining your rights and providing seasoned legal advice
  • Helping you find the medical facilities that will provide the care you need
  • Conducting an independent investigation into the driver, trucking company, or other responsible driver or entity
  • Gathering valuable evidence to support your claim
  • Working with expert witnesses to show what went wrong and the lasting impact of the accident on your life
  • Communicating with trucking industry representatives and their lawyers
  • Managing all necessary paperwork for you
  • Negotiating assertively for the compensation you need to recover
  • Representing you at trial, if needed

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