Unsecured Load Truck Accidents

Unsecured Load Truck Accidents
Unsecured Load Truck Accidents

Truck accidents involving unsecured loaded cargo can cause tremendous injuries and fatalities. Trucks move thousands of pounds of goods and hazardous materials on Nevada roadways every day. Improper loading can throw a tractor-trailer off balance, increasing the chances of a crash with even the most experienced truck driver behind the wheel. 

Various parties could be held responsible when accidents occur due to unsafe cargo loading. A Nevada unsecured truck accident lawyer can help identify the companies, drivers, or other parties liable for your injuries and pursue maximum compensation from the insurance company(s). However, getting the money you deserve may not be possible without a fight. 

Truck accident claims are often high-dollar claims. Insurers don’t like that. You can guarantee that their adjusters will push back on your demands. That’s where THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys step in. 

Our experienced truck accident attorneys stand up for what’s right. You deserve nothing less than full and fair compensation for what you’ve endured. Contact us today for a free consultation. There’s no fee unless we win. 

Why Do Unsecured Load Truck Accidents Happen?

Unsecured load truck accidents occur when the transported cargo is not adequately secured. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) places strict rules on cargo securement that everyone in the trucking industry must follow. If loose cargo falls off the vehicle, the results can be disastrous for nearby motorists. Unbalanced trucks are more likely to roll over or jackknife, which can cause chain-reaction accidents and multiple injuries. 

Several factors can contribute to unsecured load truck accidents:

  • Negligent loading – If the individual or team responsible for loading the cargo onto the truck fails to secure it correctly, the cargo can become unstable during transport. 
  • Inadequate equipment – Insufficient or defective straps, tie-downs, and other securing devices can prevent proper cargo loading.
  • Overloading – Putting too much weight on a tractor truck can strain the securing mechanisms and stress the truck’s components, increasing the risk of tire blowouts, loss of control, and mechanical failures. 
  • Improper inspection – Neglecting to inspect the load and securing devices can lead to undetected issues that may cause accidents.
  • Poor road conditions – Uneven or poorly maintained roads can exacerbate the risk of load shifts and cargo loss, particularly during sharp turns or sudden stops.

Who is Liable for Unsecured Load Truck Accidents?

Determining liability in unsecured load truck accidents is crucial to receive compensation. However, identifying the responsible parties is challenging because the trucking industry is comprised of multiple entities. Potentially liable parties could include: 

  • Truck driver – The driver may be liable if they fail to inspect or secure the load correctly.
  • Trucking company – The trucking company can be responsible for an accident if it fails to provide adequate training, supervision, or equipment for load securement.
  • Loading companies – Individuals or companies responsible for loading the cargo onto the truck could be liable if they violated rules for loading or securement. 
  • Manufacturers – If faulty securing devices or equipment contributed to the accident, the equipment’s designers, manufacturers, or sellers could be liable. 

What Steps Should You Take After an Unsecured Load Truck Accident?

Take the following steps to protect yourself and your legal rights after in an unsecured truck load accident:  

  • Seek medical attention – Your health should be the top priority. Some injuries may manifest later, even if you feel fine initially. See a doctor immediately to have any injuries appropriately assessed and treated.
  • Report the accident – Notify law enforcement and file an accident report to ensure that all details are accurately documented. A police crash report can be valuable evidence if you file a claim.
  • Document the scene – If possible, gather evidence at the accident scene. Get the name of the truck driver, the truck company, and its insurance company. Take photographs of the truck, the cargo, skid marks, and other relevant environmental details. Collect eyewitness contact information and their statements if you can.  
  • Preserve evidence – Keep what evidence you have related to the accident, such as damaged personal property, ripped or bloody clothing, medical records, crash-related bills, and any correspondence with insurance companies.
  • Consult an unsecured load truck accident attorney – For a strong truck accident claim, you need someone familiar with the laws governing the trucking industry and a history of handling cases involving commercial motor vehicle crashes. An experienced truck accident lawyer can evaluate your case and advise you on your best legal options. 

Compensation for an Unsecured Truck Accident Injury

You could be eligible for compensation for injuries from an unsecured truck accident caused by someone else. This compensation might include money for losses like: 

  • Medical expenses – Past, current, and future medical treatment, including hospital bills, surgeries, medication, and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages – Income you’ve lost while recuperating from your injuries 
  • Loss of future earning capacity – Future lost income if you cannot return to work because of your injuries 
  • Pain and suffering – Physical pain, emotional distress, and diminished quality of life resulting from the accident
  • Property damage – Damage caused to your vehicle or personal belongings in the accident

If someone dies from injuries in an unsecured load truck accident, their surviving family members may be eligible for compensation through a wrongful death claim.

How a Las Vegas Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

Navigating the legal complexities of an unsecured load truck accident case requires the knowledge and resources of a Las Vegas truck accident attorney. At THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys, we will:  

  • Evaluate your case – A skilled attorney from our firm can assess the merits of your claim and determine the available legal options for pursuing compensation.
  • Investigate the truck accident – We will thoroughly investigate the accident by gathering and preserving evidence, interviewing witnesses, and hiring experts to reconstruct the crash so we know exactly what happened and why.
  • Handle settlement negotiations – Our truck accident lawyers understand the tactics insurance companies use to minimize settlement offers. We will present clear evidence to support your claim for a settlement that accounts for all your losses. 
  • Represent you in court – Sometimes, the best path to a fair resolution comes through litigation. Our attorneys prepare every case as if it is going to trial. 

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