When to Drive After a Concussion

Why You Should Wait to Drive After a Concussion

After a concussion, your doctor may advise you not to drive for a period of time. This restriction can be frustrating since concussion symptoms can be as mild as a headache, fatigue, or simply feeling “off.” But a concussion is still a traumatic brain injury, and it can have lingering effects that make everyday tasks like driving dangerous.

One recent study from the University of Georgia examined the effects of a concussion on driving ability. Researchers found that participants who believed they fully recovered from a concussion still drove unpredictably when using a driving simulator. In fact, they drove similarly to intoxicated drivers.

At THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys, we want you to be safe and healthy on the road to recovery. Here, our Las Vegas TBI lawyers explain the risks of driving with a concussion and when it might be safe to get behind the wheel again.

Risks of Driving After a Concussion

A concussion occurs when you hit your head or sustain a blow with enough force to cause your brain to shake inside your skull suddenly. Even though a concussion is the mildest form of brain injury, you should take any head seriously. Brain damage can impact your cognitive abilities, emotions, coordination, and behavior. While most concussions have temporary effects, every individual’s recovery time will differ.

Driving too soon after a concussion can be dangerous to you and other motorists. Because of the cognitive and physical impairment caused by a concussion, your ability to make sound judgments and react quickly may be compromised. You may also have trouble thinking clearly, concentrating, and avoiding distractions. All of these skills are essential for safe driving.

When Can You Drive After a Concussion?

There is not enough research on concussion recovery to know how long you should wait before driving. However, simply feeling you have healed from your concussion isn’t enough for you to safely operate a vehicle. While you may feel better, you could still be experiencing effects that you don’t even realize. Wait to drive until your doctor approves it.

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Unfortunately, insurance companies often undervalue concussion injury claims because they are considered mild TBIs. But the truth is that a concussion can impact your life and keep you out of work longer than many insurers think.

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