Driving Without Insurance Brings Stiff Penalties

Driving Without Insurance Brings Stiff PenaltiesAlthough it may seem like car insurance is expensive, there are certain minimum levels of liability coverage required by Nevada state law:

  • $25,000 for property damage
  • $25,000 for bodily injuries per person
  • $50,000 for bodily injuries per accident

Driving without insurance will cost you considerably more than paying for it, as this is considered a misdemeanor in Nevada with increasing fines and penalties for repeated offenses.

How is the Lack of Insurance Discovered?

Some people mistakenly think that if they aren’t in an accident their lack of insurance will go undetected. This is untrue. There are two ways you can be caught driving without insurance. The first is if you are pulled over for any driving infraction and cannot produce proof of current insurance coverage. The other is through the state’s LIVE system which stands for “Liability Insurance Validation Electronically.” Insurers are required to contact the DMV and report any insurance policies that have lapsed. The DMV will then contact the owner of the policy. You will need to show proof of insurance via a verification response form within 15 days of the notice.

What are the Consequences?

Penalties for driving as an uninsured motorist depends on the number of days that your policy has lapsed and whether you have been convicted of this crime before. For your first offense:

  • If your coverage has lapsed for no more than 30 days, your driving privileges will be suspended until you submit proof of insurance to DMV.
  • If your coverage has lapsed for 31-90 days there is also a fee of $250
  • Lapses of 31-90 days: $250 fee
  • Lapses of 91-180 days: $500 fee
  • Lapses over 180 days: $1,000

If your coverage lapsed for over 91 days, your insurer will need to file an SR-22 form on your behalf before your driving privileges will be reinstated. This form will stay on file for at least 3 years. In addition, you will need to pay a $251 license reinstatement fee.

If you are convicted of this offense repeatedly the penalty fines, reinstatement fees, and license restrictions increase each time.

Beyond these penalties, the biggest disincentive for not carrying proper automobile liability insurance is that if you are involved in a car accident and it is determined that you are the one at fault, you will be responsible for all the damages—personal and property—incurred by those harmed in the accident.

The bottom line is, it’s not worth the risk to drive without insurance or let your policy lapse. Take advantage of online services that will search out the best rate for you and work with your insurance company to develop an affordable payment plan to get the required coverage.

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