Will I Get Reimbursed for My Rental Car if I Was in a Car Accident?


If a car accident disabled your vehicle, you still need a way to get around town while the insurance process plays out. A rental car is an obvious solution. But rentals can be pricey, especially if you need the car for an extended time.

The good news is that there are many ways for you to avoid paying for a rental car after a crash. In many cases, your insurance provider or the other driver’s insurer will cover the cost of your rental vehicle within certain limits. Keep reading for more information on rental car reimbursements after a Las Vegas car accident.

Who Pays for a Rental Car After an Accident? 

 Rental Car After an AccidentThe party that pays for a rental car after an accident depends on available insurance coverages and who caused the collision. Generally, you do not have to pay for a rental car if you did not cause an accident.

Will my Insurance Cover the Cost of Renting a Car After an Accident? 

If you have rental reimbursement coverage as part of your auto insurance policy, your insurer should cover the cost of a rental up to the limits of your policy, no matter who is at fault for the crash. If the other driver caused the accident, your insurance company would recover this expense from that driver’s insurer through a process called subrogation. If you caused the collision, your rental reimbursement coverage should still apply.

What Happens if the Other Driver is at Fault?

If the other driver caused the accident, their insurance provider should cover the cost of your rental. However, the other driver’s insurer will only cover the cost of renting a car roughly equivalent to your damaged vehicle.

What if the Accident is my Fault? 

You do not necessarily have to pay for a rental yourself if you cause an accident. Your insurance company should still cover the rental cost if you have rental reimbursement coverage. If you do not have rental reimbursement coverage, you will have to pay for the rental out of pocket.

What is the Maximum Amount I Can be Reimbursed for a Rental Car?

The maximum amount your insurer will pay for a rental depends on your policy. Most auto insurance policies with rental reimbursement coverage include a cap on how much the insurer will pay for a rental. This cap could be a specific dollar amount or a maximum number of days. Consult your insurer to learn what your rental reimbursement coverage includes.

Why Is it Taking So Long to Approve My Car Rental Claim?

It is often unclear who is at fault for a car accident. This is especially true if both drivers have different accounts of why the accident occurred.  Insurance companies will take their time to investigate and ensure they only pay for car rental claims on an accident that is their driver’s fault. For that reason, there can often be a delay (or denial) in approving a car rental claim.

Can I Appeal a Denied Car Rental Claim?

The other driver’s insurance provider may refuse to pay for your rental if they dispute your claim. If this happens, a car accident attorney can help you recover compensation for whatever you spent on the rental. 

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