Post-Truck Accident Guide: Key Actions & Avoidances


A collision involving a large commercial truck may be among the most frightening experiences of a person’s life. Feeling shaken up in the moments afterward is natural. However, knowing what to do after a truck accident is essential. It’s just as important to learn what not to do. Taking the proper steps can improve your chances of recovering maximum compensation if you suffer an injury and need to file a personal injury claim later.

What to Do After a Truck Accident

Taking specific actions after a Las Vegas truck accident can help protect your health and legal rights. You should:

  • Truck AccidentPrioritize safety – Get to a safe spot away from traffic as soon as possible. Check yourself for injuries. If possible, do the same for your passengers and anyone involved in the crash.
  • Ensure legal documentation – Call 911 to report the crash. Doing so isn’t just a safety measure. Reporting the collision ensures a police report will be associated with the accident, which the insurance company will likely request when processing your claim.
  • Gather evidence and exchange information – Take pictures and videos of the accident scene. Document your injuries, vehicle damage, and any environmental conditions that caused or contributed to the semi-truck accident.
  • Exchange information – Exchange contact and insurance information with everyone involved in the crash and any witnesses.
  • Get medical treatment – Even if you believe you’ve escaped the crash unscathed, seeking medical attention after a truck accident is still vital. Some severe injuries may not display symptoms right away.
  • Check your insurance policy – Some auto insurance companies set strict deadlines for notifying them of a crash. Learn your policy’s deadline, and then contact an experienced truck accident attorney for advice. Always consult a lawyer before giving any detailed statements to an insurance adjuster.

What Not to Do After a Truck Accident

Avoiding mistakes after a truck accident is just as important as taking the proper steps. After a crash:

  • Don’t leave the scene – Driving away from the wreck can expose you to legal penalties. The only time you should ever leave the accident scene is if you require emergency medical attention.
  • Don’t admit fault – Admitting fault doesn’t just mean directly stating that you caused the truck accident. Even a simple apology could be mistaken as an admission of liability, so be careful what you say to the police or other motorists.
  • Don’t skip seeing a doctor – Seeking medical care after a truck accident is vital to your safety and compensation.
  • Don’t discuss the case on social media – Mentioning the truck accident case while it’s still pending could negatively impact your ability to recover compensation. Insurers and their defense attorneys may use your social media posts to discredit your claim.
  • Don’t accept a quick settlement – Never accept the first settlement offer you receive. You may be able to negotiate a much better deal with help from an experienced truck accident attorney.

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