What are the consequences of not pursuing a personal injury claim?

The most severe consequence of not filing a personal injury claim is that you will not collect full compensation for your injuries. The financial and personal costs accompanying a serious injury can impact your life forever. A successful personal injury case can provide you with money to help with your current and future expenses.

Additionally, an indirect benefit of bringing a personal injury claim is raising the safety standards in the community. Businesses put down “Wet floor” signs because we, as a community, have required that as a basic safety standard. That is not something businesses would do on their own if they have not been forced to do so by injured people who brought a personal injury matter to trial, with a jury verdict that told businesses they need to raise their safety standards. Now “Wet floor” signs are common place. Similarly, people are more likely to drive safely because they do not want to be sued for negligent driving. Pursuing a personal injury claim has the benefit of making our entire community safer for everyone.