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One of our staff members brought this to our attention and put together this article so we thought we would share.  So here we go…

Here is another way to false promote your business in Las Vegas. This is the best we have seen. It seems Best Of Las Vegas is praying on business owners to pay them a pretty good chunk of change per year or month just to participate. They offer no free options. Here is the 2018BOLV link, where we found the promotion. This page talks about your chance to recognize the BEST that makes Las Vegas great, OMG! Vote to SUBMIT your ballot. Clicked on professional services category and the first advertiser that shows up is an attorney. If you do a search for attorneys in Las Vegas you will see there is only a handful of them that advertise with this site, so really not a competition. Sub-Category drop down shows major spamming of the word Best! There is a link for Best Law Firm and Best Personal Injury Lawyer but what about Bail Bond companies in Las Vegas. There are over 200 of them. Where is there category. Umh. No login required to vote. Only takes one click to place your vote. Seriously! So in conclusion of this evaluation of Best Of Las Vegas. We will pass.

Voting opens July 16 at noon, and are accepted through August 9th at midnight.

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Come back each day and vote! What???

Don’t get caught up in false gimmicks when searching for a top attorney in Las Vegas. Research and referrals are always best!

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