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Child sex trafficking is a horrendous crime that causes unimaginable trauma. It occurs when minors are exploited for commercial sexual purposes. Although criminal penalties exist for such acts, victims need to know they could also take civil action against human traffickers.

At THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys, our Las Vegas sexual exploitation lawyers can explain your rights to compensation if you or a child in your life has been a sex trafficking victim. Our legal team will handle your case with the sensitivity and care it deserves. We aim to help you seek justice beyond what the criminal justice system can do. Contact us today for a confidential and free consultation.

What is Child Sex Trafficking?

According to the Department of Justice, child sex trafficking involves taking advantage of minors for commercial sex acts. Human traffickers may lure targets by offering everything from food and shelter to false promises of fame. Unfortunately, the Internet has made it easy for traffickers to find and contact potential victims.

The DOJ points out that victims of child sex trafficking may not initially appear to be victims at all. Their experiences harden them, causing them to develop behavior and anger issues that lead to legal trouble. Victims are also prone to addiction, depression, and other mental health problems. This can lead law enforcement to miss potential signs of sex trafficking, especially because many victims are too afraid to report their abusers and depend on them for survival.  

How Injury Attorneys Can Help in Child Sex Trafficking Cases

Nevada’s sex trafficking laws have become stronger over the years. A human trafficking injury lawyer can help victims by:  


  •  Trafficking LawyerExplaining legal options – Sex trafficking victims, especially young ones, may not know that compensation is possible or how to pursue it. A personal injury attorney can explain their legal rights under Nevada law.
  • Determining liability – Children often don’t know who is the mastermind of the sex trafficking operation. An attorney can investigate the case to identify everyone who is at fault. A lawyer can also coordinate with the police and take similar steps to gather evidence against a trafficker.
  • Determining proper compensation – A knowledgeable human trafficking attorney can outline their client’s losses to estimate approximately how much compensation they should receive.
  • Advocating for a victim – A victim of child sexual exploitation deserves a voice. They also deserve to seek compensation without having to interact with their abuser. An attorney with experience in human trafficking cases can help in both capacities.

Experiencing sex trafficking is a traumatic experience at any age. By hiring a lawyer, a sex trafficking survivor can pursue compensation without having to participate in the process too directly most of the time. This minimizes the extent to which they may have to revisit a traumatic experience.

Compensation and Restitution for Child Sex Trafficking Victims

There are various ways a minor can seek compensation for sex trafficking. They include:

  • Personal injury claims or civil lawsuits – Human trafficking survivors may have grounds to file a legal claim or lawsuit seeking financial compensation. This money can account for medical bills, mental anguish, and other losses stemming from the experience.
  • Victims of Crime Program – Nevada’s Victims of Crime Program (VOCP) offers financial assistance and similar help to victims of crimes such as child abuse, human trafficking, and sexual assault. If someone meets the eligibility requirements, the VOCP may help with the cost of hospital bills, mental health counseling, and similar expenses. VOCP claims are limited to $35,000. Minors have up to the age of 21 to apply.
  • Contingency Account for Victims of Human Trafficking – Under Nevada law, the Contingency Account for Victims of Human Trafficking offers services to human trafficking victims through nonprofit organizations and similar agencies. These organizations can apply for allocations from the account. According to the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, individuals can’t apply for allocations directly. They can call 211 to learn about local agencies that may assist them.

If you’re a survivor of child sexual exploitation, a firm that offers trafficking victims legal support can help you seek compensation and connect with community resources to help on your journey toward healing.  

Signs of Sex Trafficking

According to the Nevada Attorney General’s Office, the following are potential signs of child sex trafficking: 

  • A malnourished appearance
  • Injuries, bruises, or other indications of physical abuse
  • Consciously avoiding or minimizing interaction with adults, particularly law enforcement
  • Appearing to follow a script during interactions
  • Lack of personal belongings or identification documents
  • General poor physical and/or dental health
  • Sexually transmitted illnesses
  • Tattoos/branding (although this may be less common in younger victims of sex trafficking)
  • Not being allowed to speak for themselves
  • Not being allowed to go into public spaces alone
  • Working in a family restaurant at a relatively young age

None of these signs confirm that sex trafficking is occurring. If you suspect a child is a victim of commercial sex trafficking, consider the following options

  • Discussing the matter with the child to determine if their answer provides you with more information
  • Contacting law enforcement
  • Calling the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888
  • Calling the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 800-843-5678

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