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Sex trafficking is among the most heinous crimes that happen in Nevada. Las Vegas hotels and motels are a common site for sex trafficking to occur, and those businesses must prevent and stop it. When hotels turn a blind eye to sex trafficking on their property, state and federal laws allow survivors to seek justice in civil court.

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Las Vegas Hotel and Motel Sex Trafficking Statistics

Sex Trafficking AttorneyIn the U.S., Nevada has the second-highest number of human trafficking cases per 100,000 residents. Other reports show:

  • In one recent year, the nonprofit Polaris Project identified 201 trafficking cases involving 296 survivors.
  • Most cases of sex trafficking in Nevada include victims who are trafficked at motels, hotels, casinos, escort services, strip clubs, or through street prostitution.
  • A recent sex trafficking lawsuit filed in Clark County alleged that Hampton Inn and Palms employees did not intervene when a 16-year-old girl was trafficked out of each hotel.

Unfortunately, sex trafficking crimes are likely a larger problem than statistics suggest. Victims often face language barriers or fear legal consequences, and local police don’t always have the resources to stop human trafficking rings at their roots. That makes the role of our attorneys so important. We are here to stand up for survivors of sex trafficking, child sex trafficking, and sexual exploitation. 

The Role of Hotels and Motels in Sex Trafficking

Sex traffickers find hotels and motels appealing because they’re relatively anonymous settings. Some survivors are forced to live in rooms that traffickers book and buyers visit. Other times, traffickers force human trafficking victims to visit buyers’ hotel rooms in an “out-call” model.

Hotel staff should watch for the following signs of sex trafficking:

  • Cash or prepaid debit payments for rooms
  • Guests with little or no luggage
  • Visibly malnourished, sleep-deprived, or injured guests
  • Guests with frequent unregistered visitors
  • Guests refusing housekeeping for extended periods
  • Guests who frequently request fresh linens or towels
  • Loiterers in hallways and around specific rooms
  • Problems with a guest or visitor ID


Taking Legal Action Against the Hotel Industry

Under 18 U.S.C. 1595, a trafficking victim can pursue civil compensation from hotels and motels that knowingly benefit from sex trafficking on their premises. Compensation can include money for:

  • Physical, psychological, and psychiatric medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation like physical therapy or occupational therapy
  • Costs of temporary housing, transportation, and childcare
  • Lost wages
  • Attorneys’ fees

Nevada’s criminal laws also allow the court to order restitution paid to sex trafficking victims for similar losses. However, restitution is not guaranteed, so it’s crucial to explore your civil options with a personal injury attorney with experience in sex trafficking cases.

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