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injured laywer
injured laywer

If you sustained injuries in an accident in Northwest Las Vegas, you might be entitled to compensation from the responsible person or party. You might also feel overwhelmed and need help figuring out where to turn for help. An experienced personal injury lawyer at THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys can provide the answers and support you need. 

Our legal team understands the hardships that unexpected medical bills and time off work might cause you in the aftermath of an accident. A successful personal injury claim could provide the money you need to pay the bills and get back on your feet. The first step is learning your legal options. Call or contact us today for a free consultation with a trusted personal injury lawyer in Northwest Las Vegas

Types of Cases Our Personal Injury Attorneys Handle

The personal injury attorneys at THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle the most complex personal injury cases. We represent clients in personal injury claims involving:  

Benefits of Hiring a Northwest Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

Nevada law allows injured victims to pursue compensation for their injuries and financial losses if they suffer injuries in accidents and someone else is to blame. However, seeking compensation without the assistance of a lawyer can be challenging. Most personal injury claims involve negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Insurers are notorious for minimizing, delaying, and denying valid injury claims. An attorney can prepare your legal claim, negotiate aggressively for maximum compensation, and handle any disputes from the insurance company for you. 

At the 702FIRM Injury Attorneys, we have the knowledge and skills to investigate accidents thoroughly, gather evidence to establish who’s to blame, and evaluate all potential sources of compensation for you. Rest assured, we will demand every cent you’re owed for your losses, including money for:

  • Medical bills – This can include hospital stays, doctor visits, physical therapy, prescription medications, assistive devices, and any other accident-related medical expenses.
  • Lost wages – This covers the money you lost while you recovered from your injuries, such as lost wages, salary, tips, bonuses, benefits, and commissions.
  • Loss of earning capacity – If your ability to earn a living is diminished due to your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for the lost earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering – Injuries take a mental and physical toll. In Nevada, you can receive compensation for both types of losses.
  • Loss of consortium – This term refers to how an injury could affect your relationship with your spouse.
  • Property damage – This compensation covers any damage the accident caused to your property, such as your vehicle, home, or personal belongings.

Expect a call from the at-fault party’s insurance provider soon after the accident. The insurance representative (called an adjuster) may offer you a quick settlement or try to convince you that your case has no merit. Always consult a local Northwest Las Vegas personal injury attorney before accepting a settlement offer. Your lawyer can protect you from unfair treatment or manipulation. 

At THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys, we know the tactics an insurance company might try to pay you less than it should. We will not settle for less than you deserve, even if that means taking the case to trial. 

How to Choose the Right Northwest Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing the best personal injury law firm for your legal needs is critical to the outcome of your case. Your interests are best served by a firm with:

  • Extensive experience handling personal injury cases like yours
  • A proven track record of success
  • Compassionate, attentive attorneys and support staff
  • Personalized care and guidance
  • Established relationships with top experts in accident reconstruction, medicine, financial planning, and vocational rehabilitation

THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys is your choice for representation in Northwest Las Vegas. We’ll meet with you at your home, the hospital, or wherever is convenient for you. And if you need special medical help and don’t know how to get it, we’ll turn to our network of providers so you get the quality care you deserve without worrying about the price.

With experience inside and outside the courtroom, our attorneys can take on any personal injury case and fight for the best outcome possible. We pride ourselves on delivering efficient, compassionate, and top-quality legal services. If an insurance company refuses to settle your case for the full and fair compensation you deserve, we won’t hesitate to file a personal injury lawsuit and take your case to trial. While most personal injury claims are resolved through settlements, the threat of trial is sometimes what it takes to get the insurance company to make a fair deal.  

Hire a Northwest Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you suffered injuries in an accident that was not your fault, obtaining maximum compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain, suffering, and other losses can give you peace of mind as you recuperate. Let THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys fight for you. You don’t need to shoulder these burdens on your own. A Northwest Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can take care of the details for you, keeping you updated on the claim’s status at every step.  

At THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys, you can count on us to treat your case with the same level of care and attention we would for a family member. There are no upfront costs, and we only get paid if we recover compensation for you. 

Come learn whether you have a valid personal injury claim today. Call or contact us for a free consultation with a battle-tested personal injury lawyer in Northwest Las Vegas.