Common Car Accident Injuries in Las Vegas, NV


While many people are fortunate to walk away from car accidents with only minor bumps and bruises, not everyone is quite so lucky. Those who sustain severe injuries after an accident could be forced to deal with the repercussions for weeks, months, years, or even a lifetime. These injuries could affect their ability to work, limit what activities they can take part in, and significantly diminish their quality of life.

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Five Leading Causes of Car Accident Injuries

Sadly, there’s no shortage of potential injuries possible from a car accident. Five of the most common car accident injuries in Las Vegas include:

  • Broken bones: Fractures can occur both from the direct impact of a car accident and striking hard surfaces inside the vehicle. In rear-end or head-on collisions, the force of the impact can be enough to severely damage the vertebrae in your spine, which can lead to permanent loss of some bodily functions. Other bone breaks and fractures that frequently occur in car accidents include your breastbone and collarbone, as well as the bones in your hands, arms, legs, and pelvis.
  • Soft-tissue injuries: Sprains, strains, and tears to muscles, ligaments, and tendons are painful injuries stemming from the force of impact in a crash. Ligaments connect bones to other bones and hold them in place, while tendons connect bones to muscles and other structures in the body. Soft-tissue injuries sometimes require surgery and rehabilitation to heal, making a seemingly minor-sounding injury quite expensive to treat.
  • Back and neck injuries: Back and neck injuries are some of the most severe injuries caused by car accidents. The force of the collision can cause the discs that support the vertebrae in the spine to pinch or rupture. Whiplash occurs when the victim’s head snaps forward and then backward like the cracking of a whip. This sudden movement can harm the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the neck, resulting in permanent nerve damage.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Any injury to the spinal cord is cause for concern. Because the spinal cord transmits signals from the brain to other parts of the body, an injury could result in temporary or permanent loss of mobility. It could also significantly impact other bodily functions.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): Any damage to the brain can result in permanent cognitive impairment, loss of memory, personality changes, loss of bodily functions, and death. Some TBIs are caused by objects penetrating the skull. Most brain injuries, however, involve a blow to the head. The damage occurs when the brain strikes the inside of the skull. A traumatic brain injury might be immediately apparent, or it might take time for the symptoms to develop. It’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention if you believe you’ve suffered a TBI in a crash. So-called mild TBIs, or concussions, can still have long-term impacts on survivors.

Who Determines Fault in an Auto Accident?

Proving fault after a car accident is crucial for several reasons. The responsible party’s insurance company can and should be responsible for reimbursing you for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and other losses.

The insurance company will have their adjusters investigate the crash, talk to those involved, and assign fault where necessary after an accident. If you or anyone in your vehicle was severely injured in a collision, it’s highly recommended that you hire an experienced car accident lawyer right away to protect your interests.

Your attorney will conduct an independent investigation into the crash and gather evidence necessary to build a strong claim for compensation on your behalf. Once you hire a lawyer, they’ll be able to handle all communications with the insurance company for you. You won’t have to worry about adjusters calling while you are recovering from your injuries.

Your lawyer’s job is to collect the evidence necessary to refute any challenges from the insurance company about your rights to compensation. Examples of evidence include:

  • Medical records
  • Police accident reports
  • Photos, video, or physical evidence from the accident scene
  • Vehicle black box recorder info
  • Phone and text messaging records
  • Expert testimony
  • Witness statements

An attorney will also place an appropriate value on your claim and fight for maximum compensation that accounts for the full extent of your losses.
Settlement negotiations will involve looking at the impact your injuries have had — and will continue to have — on your life moving forward. If the other party’s insurer refuses to offer you a fair settlement, your lawyer might advise filing a car accident lawsuit to seek damages in court. However, most car accident claims settle before trial.

Depending on the circumstances of the crash, more than one party might be responsible for compensating you. For example, if a mechanical defect contributed to the crash, the manufacturer could be held accountable. Government agencies could also be liable if they were negligent. This might be the case if negligent road maintenance or other issue caused the crash. In most cases, however, car accident claims involve private individuals.

What if I am Partly to Blame for the Crash?

Nevada uses a comparative negligence system to determine fault in personal injury cases. This means that you can recover compensation for your injuries even if you were partially responsible for the crash. However, your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of fault that is assigned to you.

For example, if you are found to be 20 percent responsible for the crash, your final award would be reduced by 20 percent. You cannot recover compensation if you are assigned more than 50 percent responsible for an accident in Nevada.

Steps to Recovery After an Auto Accident

If you’ve been hurt in a collision in Las Vegas, taking the following steps could help protect your injury claim:

  • See a doctor as soon as possible. You’ll want to make sure any injuries are diagnosed and treated immediately and create a medical record as proof of treatment.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions. If you don’t, your claim for compensation could be reduced or denied.
  • Keep any documents that show your financial losses from the accident. This includes pay stubs, medical bills, pharmacy receipts, travel costs for treatment, and more.
  • Stay off social media. It’s best to keep any discussions about the crash off social media. It’s also important to avoid posting pictures of you engaging in activities that the insurance company could use against you. For example, you shouldn’t be photographed playing basketball if you’re healing from a neck injury unless your doctor expressly cleared you to play.
  • Keep a pain journal: Insurance companies like to challenge claims for pain and suffering because those losses do not have a quantifiable dollar figure. A diary that records your day-to-day pain and the impact it has had on your everyday life can support your claim for intangible losses like pain and suffering.
  • Contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Your focus should be on treatment and recovery. Your lawyer will handle the investigation of the crash, communications with the insurance companies, and all the legal legwork necessary to pursue the compensation you’re owed.

It’s crucial to take immediate action after a car accident. Generally, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit under Nevada’s statute of limitations. If you’re unable to settle with the other party’s insurer, you might need to file a lawsuit before this time limit runs out. Getting started right away gives your attorney time to build the best possible case on your behalf and collect important evidence, such as witnesses’ statements, while their memories are still fresh.

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