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When you don’t know where to turn after an accident, don’t worry. Our attorneys come to you.

Client Testimonials

“These folks are the best. They explained my options to me in clear English. And they Listened to my concerns and provided me sufficient information to make an informed decision.” — Tom D.

“The staff was very great and friendly and made me feel like my case was very important to them Jeff Mark and Tammy was great help.” — Ant Toine

“I was in an accident and knew I needed a trust-worthy team. THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys stood firm behind me, my decisions and the healing process. The team was able to litigate my personal injury case for us to receive the maximum settlement. It was time-consuming and took a toll on my daily life. However, with patience, great communication, and recommendations from the team, I was able to make the choices that best made me feel comfortable without any pressure. They explained options, possibilities, and processes. Sure people shop around looking for what percentage the attorneys receive, if that's what you're basing your decision on then I don't think you're a good fit for them. Nevertheless, put your percentage with the winning chance and a FIRM team. I will have to admit, I did have to lawyer-up and THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys was one of the final pieces that drove my case to win my settlement when it went to litigation. To be honest, there are hundreds of attorneys in Las Vegas that will take your personal injury case, but when it goes to litigation, they will hand it to someone else. Make your best decision and go straight with the team that can take it from beginning to end. (That's if they are willing to take on your case). I was fortunate enough to have had the chance to. So, Good Luck on your venture seeking an attorney for your case, as I know the process that can take a lot of time away from your work and personal life. To sum it up THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys is one of my Top recommended firms out here, and I do have a few go-to firms in Nevada, depending on legal issues.” — Jayar Tolentino