Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Need to find the Best Criminal Lawyers in Las Vegas?
Attorney Michael Kane and Attorney Jefferson Temple are considered two of Nevada’s best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Las Vegas. They have handled hundreds of Nevada criminal defense cases with outstanding top results.

Criminal Lawyers striving to be the best at what they know, and that is Nevada law. Their main practice it to defend their clients if they are arrested for DUI, charged with possession of drugs, part of a domestic violence abuse situation, committed a felony, and the list goes on even down to traffic ticket defense.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Las Vegas that get top results.

Our criminal lawyers believe that your legal or criminal issues are best resolved when the lawyer is tuned in to your needs, expectations, and overall situation. That’s why you will work directly with an experienced defense lawyer throughout your case, from the day you first come to our office to the day our lawyers resolve your legal situation.

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